Android Races are playable human-like robots.

Basic AndroidsEdit

These cover most forms of somewhat-looking metal or plastic bodied androids, like C3-PO.


These are the near-realistic androids, like Bishop from Aliens.


These are indistinguishable, vat-grown clone-like humanoid androids, akin to the Replicants from Bladerunner.

Furry Friends

It was not unusual to find a wide range of Replicants who's soul purpose was cater the specific sexual desires of a customer base. One of these are a class of anthropomorphic humanoids with animal features, like buckteeth, whiskers, bunny ears, a cotton-ball tail, and maybe even full-body hair or fur for a Bunny Friend. The more common types of Furry Friends are based on cats, bunnies, rodents, dogs, horses, monkeys, and birds, although some rare types are based on lizards, bugs, and fish, but they are vary niche. Unlike other Replicants, they have the following Mutation-like features: Bizarre Appearance, Sexual Affinity (a special type of Intellectual Affinity that adds +3 to CHA in the matters in seduction) and maybe an extra ability to highlight an animal feature (like gills for a Fish Friend), but such features a generally vestigial by design.

They are not as fit for adventuring as other races, but they are good if one whats to play a concept character of this nature.

Other TypesEdit

These are other types of androids not covered in the Mutant Future rulebook.