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This is a list of characters from the Axa comic. They where given their own page, as this could get lengthy.

This list is used for Mutant Lords as guidelines for NPCs. They are listed with notes for race, alignment, and mutations (MU).



(pure human; neutral)

Axa is not like any other dome dweller, as she is brave, outspoken, immodest, and free-spirited. She also has an affinity for sword-use and makes good use of it. She is driven on a quest to find a new home and a lover who can keep up with her fierce and independent nature. In her adventures, she encounters people who are dysfunctional for one reason or another, and when she intervenes, it does not always end well for them. She has blond hair, blue eyes, and she is usually dressed in a ragged bikini (if dressed at all) with a belt and scabbed. She also has one boyfriend, after another, ultimately setting-down with her first true love — Matt — who she will have kids with.



(Eloi; lawful)

Jon was Axa's first lover. He is quite typical of a Man of the Dome: spoiled, sheltered, conformist and meek. He did not like Axa's reckless behavior and is shy around her nudity. When she first left, she had to knock him out, but he eventually tried to help her out when she set-forth on journey. She lost all respect for him for the way he acted when they parted company. He has blond hair, blue eyes and is dressed in a security uniform with gun belt and blaster.



(Eloi; lawful)

The Director is the leader of the Dome City.



(pure human; lawful)

May-Or is the leader of the Middle Man.



(pure human; lawful)

Matt is a Middle Man, and Axa's second lover. He was mostly typical for a Middle Man: Slavish to dogma and loyal to May-Or. He betrayed Axa more then once, but after saving one of their captured women, he sacrificed himself to save her from an angry mob of Middle Folk when she was caught in his bed. He would reappear later, and take her as his wife. He had brown hair, dressed in a simple loin-cloth, and had a broken pocket-watch around his neck.



(mutant human; neutral)

Burt was a Mutant who tried to capture Axa in a slave-raid. Because he looks the most human, he is obligated to breed with the slaves for "healthy children," but he does not have the heart to do it by force. Ultimately, he betrayed his fellow mutants and allowed Axa, Mat, and a slave-girl to escape, but at the cost of his own life. He is a rough-looking man with a patched-eye and a leather jacket with metal studs.



(pure human; lawful)

The Boatman was an unnamed sailor, who saved Axa from a gang of lustful Boat-People. After a number of island-hopping adventures, they parted ways. Axa left with Jason Arkady to explore new land, while he left to Axa's home-port to deliver a pair of Undersea Dome Dwellers to the Dome City of Axa's birth.



(pure human; neutral)

Jason Arkady is a pampered rich-boy from Arkady Island. Axa was the first young woman he has ever met (not counting the elderly staff) and was quite smitten. His father tried to keep her prisoner on the island to continue the family legacy, but the estate was dying and Axa had no plans to rot there. In the end his father freed them, but destroying himself and the island estate in the process, so they could have a better life elsewhere. He has been following her until they parted ways at the City of Hope. Even with his rich upbringing, he is sensible and generally don't act soiled. He looks like a handsome dark haired man with a black turtleneck shirt and bluejeans.



(pure human; lawful)

Leonore is the Queen of the Undersea Dome. She is a ruthless ruler, and was willing to flood the whole city during the slave revolt.



(pure human; lawful)

Ingrid is a typical denizen of the Undersea Dome.



(basic android; lawful)

Mark-10 was built by an inventor from the City in the Swamp as a bodyguard to protect Axa from the dangers in the Valley of the Mist. It has a strong attachment towards Axa, and gets jealous of her male companions. It has even got into a fight with Dirk when he was sleeping with Axa (someone should uninstall that cockblock app).



(pure human; Chaotic)

Mister Nero is the leader of the City of Hope. He is greedy, gluttonous and hedonist. Beyond the taste for beautiful woman, good food and spirits. He also enjoys gladiatorial fights, where people are thrown into one-sided fights to the death. He is eventually killed, and Jason Arkady took over his operations — minus the blood-sports.



(pure human; neutral or chaotic)

Dirk was a professional Gladiators in the City of Hope before Axa freed the people and joined her on her quest. It the end, he could not keep up with her free-spirited nature, so he settled down with a young Birdwoman from the Treetop City he helped saved. When the Bird people could not make up their minds to their future (to live in the collapsing treetops and ruins to learn haw to fly, or to live on the ground like men) a number of them left to find new land, and he joined them.

(more to come)