Classes are not apart of the normal Mutant Future rules (unless you are playing with Mutants & Mazes conversion rules), but some players like to add more character options. By default, characters advance like D&D Fighters. Adding classes can be as easy as altering the normal advancement rules.

Fantasy ClassesEdit

This is a quick and dirty way of adding classes:

• Choose your race as normal. If the Mutant Lord wishes, players may choose the fantasy races from D&D or Labyrinth Lord (like dwarfs, elves, & halflings).

• Choose a class at first level — Fighter, Magic-User, Cleric, or Thief (and sub-classes, if used).

• Roll hit points as normal (one die per CON). At first level, no other die is rolled at this point.

• Each extra level grants a small number of bonus hit points until 9th level: 1d6 for Fighters, 1d4 for Clerics, and 1d2 for Magic-Users and Thieves (their are no HP adjustment based on CON). After 9th level, Fighters gain 1 extra points per level. (Such progression is lower then then the normal fantasy rules, but this is to counter the massive build-up of HP as the character gains levels — seeing how characters in Mutant Future starts of with a large number HP)

• Use the respective to-hit and saving throws tables instead of the normal Mutant Future tables.

• Characters gain all the benefits (spells, thieves' abilities, proficiencies, and such) entitled by their respective class at each level.

Sci-fi ClassesEdit

Enforcer (Solider)

(as Fighter)

Scout (Scoundrel)

(as Thief)

Diplomat (Face)

These individuals are good at talking and making deals.

Requirements: CHA 9
Prime Requisite: CHA
Hit Dice: 1d4
Maximum Level: none

Pilot (Rocket Jock)

These are spaceship and fighter pilots.

Requirements: DEX 9
Prime Requisite: DEX
Hit Dice: 1d6
Maximum Level: none

Esper (Mentalist)

These are mutants who have developed their metal mutations. As they gain level, their minds get stronger and may even develop new powers.

Requirements: WIL 9, at least 1 beneficial metal mutation that requires a mental attack roll.
Prime Requisite: WIL
Hit Dice: 1d6
Maximum Level: none

Examiner (Tech)

Examiners are skilled at figuring out artifacts.

Requirements: DEX 9
Prime Requisite: DEX
Hit Dice: 1d6
Maximum Level: none

Scholar (Sage, Scientist)

These type of characters are highly knowledgeable in a wide range of academic studies. At each level, they gain a Field of Study akin to a Sage from AD&D. A Scholar gets a Major Field with 2 (adjusted by INT) Specialized Areas in their Major Field, and 1 (adjusted by INT) Minor Field.

Requirements: INT 9
Prime Requisite: INT
Hit Dice: 1d4
Maximum Level: none

External LinksEdit

  • Terminal Space features sci-fi themed classes.
  • Stars Without Number also features sci-fi themed classes, and it includes a supporting post-apocalypses sub-setting called Other Dust.
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