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Face the dangers of Gamma Terra in the most potent weapon system of the Ancients -- powered battle armor!

Gamma Knights was a wargaming supplement for forth edition Gamma World that focused on powered armor combat. Powered armor in Gamma World are powerful, and would likely be used by high-level Pure Strain Human characters to protect and hold power of their holdings in a post-apocalyptic feudal state.

Power armor in Gamma Knights are similar to power armor in Gamma World, but with rules to better customize a suit, and the use of sensors to find and track targets. Suits can mount weapons and equipment by "slots." Items called "extension plates" can be used to boost the number of slots on a given area (arms, body, legs, etc.) of a suit, thus allowing more equipment to be mounted. While "power couplings" serve as batteries for equipment.

The game is focused on combat between powered armor knights and robots, but you can also fight conventional ground forces, from Stone Age savages, to modern tanks.

How This Effects Mutant Future

The rules as presented, can be modified to better enhance the EMAs (Encasing Military Armor) found in Mutant Future, to allow for more unique designs and additional options.

The inclusion of post-apocalyptic feudal states would have areas protected and controlled by powerful figures who hold their power with the might of their well-armed powered armor suits. They would have troops and artifacts to maintain their power and authority, but when that doesn't work, a Gamma Knight (or whatever they are called in one's setting) would suit-up and lay-down the law.