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Landships are giant-sized ground vehicles that function like navel vassals.

Thundarrian War Machine, Small

Required Crew: 40 (max. 61)
Top Speed: 30 mph
Cargo: 72 passengers plus 8,200 lbs. freight
Structural Hit Points: 600+
Armor: Pluplorium Plate, AC -2

Weaponry: Twelve missile launchers in four batteries of three each (two batteries forward, two aft, located dorsally and ventrally), see Mutant Future Page 121 for damage and range.

Inspired by the cartoon series Thundarr the Barbarian, the war machine is something like a Mongol Raider (see airships) scaled up to the length of the Empire State Building, about 1,250 feet long (1,400 if you include the radio tower). The ESB has 102 floors, so that gives you a feel for the scale of deck/dungeon plans that could be possible. It's roughly the size of the U.S.S. Enterprise aircraft carrier. As with the Mongol Raider, the “passengers” are mostly ship’s troops although there is a brig plenty large enough to contain the adventurers and a few NPC prisoners.

(Rationale for Crew/Cargo capacity: The Enterprise has a minimum crew of 3,000 men and a maximum crew of over 5,000. It can handle 18,500 tons of cargo (36.9 million pounds in MF terms). But it is a water vehicle. Flying and hovering craft can't handle nearly as much. In contrast, the 803-foot Hindenberg could handle a maximum of about 133 people (40-61 crew and 50-72 passengers). Based on the fact that it carried 2,798 passengers and 160 tons of freight over the course of a season, I'm guestimating about 8,000 lbs. of cargo capacity in addition to passengers. A futuristic anti-gravity craft still has to worry about lift vs. weight, and a lot of a war machine's raw tonnage is devoted to fuel and power generators before we even start to think about living quarters, amenities, or weaponry)

(notes by Kevin Scrivner)