The Metamorphica
is system-less net-book by Johnstone Metzger, noting a wide range of powers and mutations for a wide range of gaming genre. It it useful for post-apocalyptic, superhero, fantasy, supernatural/horror or space-opera settings, where characters would play or encounter mutants, superhumans, demons, freakish lab-experiments, monstrous aberrations, cosmic horrors or alien creatures.

The master mutation table lists 650 mutations, in 6 categories (Body: Form, Body: Function, Mind: Behaviours, Mind: Cognition, Psychic Powers, and Supernatural Attributes), and all-together, uses a d1000 (roll with three d10s). If there is a need, each category can be rolled individually or in groups. For example:

  • For behavioural mutations, roll 1d100+400.
  • For cognitive mutations, roll 1d100+500.
  • For mental mutations, roll 1d300+400.
  • For mental mutations not including psychic powers, roll 1d200+400.
  • For mutations affecting physical functions, roll 1d200+200.
  • For mutations affecting the physical form, roll 1d200.
  • For physical mutations, roll 1d400.
  • For psychic powers, roll 1d100+600.
  • For supernatural attributes, roll 1d300+700.

Note, a d300 can be rolled with a d30-times ten, with a d10 for units, while a d200 is a d20-times ten, with a d10 for units. Lacking a d30 or d40, one roll a d10 with a d3 or d4 adjuster. That is, when rolling a mental mutation, you would roll two d10s, a d6 rolled as a d3 (1-2 = 1, 3-4 = 2, 5-6 = 3), and add 400 the the final result. Naturally, you roll one of the d10s as units (0-9), and the second d10 as tens (00-90), but the d3 adjuster might add the ten-die (1 = +00, 2 = +10, 3 = +20). As a simple alternative to a d40 roll, you can make an odds-or-evens roll with any die, with a d20. If you roll an odd numbers on the adjuster, the d20 roll is not adjusted, but if you roll even, you add 10 the the result. (All these roll adjustments are not covered in the book, but are noted to make things easier on players)

Being "system-less," it is up to the Game Master (Mutant Lord or equivalent) to figure-out how each of the mutations effect the rules.

On top of what is noted on the master mutation list, there are additional tables to help flush-out a character or creatures, even covering different genres (Experiments in Secret, Mutant Superheroes, Post-Apocalyptic Mutants and Swords of the Chaos Lords) and creature types (Beastlings, Demons, Mutant Hordes, Mutant Plants, Uplifted Animals and Xenobiology).

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