This list is used for Mutant Lords as guidelines for NPCs used in the Mighty Samson comic book setting. They are listed with notes for race, alignment, and mutations (MU).

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Mighty Samson

(human mutant; lawful, MU: Increased Strength, Dexterity and Constitution, Reflective Epidermis: Radiation)

Mighty Samson is a wandering barbarian adventurer. Samson is a mutant who looks like a normal pure human, if normal humans look as powerfully built as him. In spite of his large, brutish appearance, he is driven to do good and would put himself in great risk to save other people. In the first issue, he loses an eye to a Liobear (a hybrid beast of lion and bear), who he kills and skinned. He was injured in the fight, but he was nursed back to health by Sharmaine, who remains his travailing companion ever since.


(pure human; lawful)

Sharmaine is the friend and possible love interest of Samson, and the daughter of Mindor. She is not a scientist like her father, but she possesses a good working knowledge some of his research.


(pure human; lawful)

Mindor is the father of Sharmaine, and a self-taught scientist. With old books and artifacts, he had figured out the working of some 20th Century inventions and events. He is kind and naive at times, but he is prone to open friendship with people who have an equal or better knowledge of science. His is also studying as much of the wildlife as he can chronicle. He has a green mutant lemur for a pet.

Samson's Mother

(pure human; lawful)

Samson's Mother discovered her son's great strength when is was but a child. He ran off beyond the the safe-zone, and when she ran to pull him back to safety, they got caught by a large carnivorous plant. He was able to free himself and his mother with is superhuman strength. When Samson got older, he was able to fight off a whole party of barbaric raiders, but in the fight she was mortally wounded.

Kull the Killer

(pure human; chaotic)

Kull the Killer is a barbarian chieftain from somewhere around N'Yark. His is an old enemy of Samson.

Terra of Jerz

(pure human; chaotic)

Terra of Jerz is a power-hungry tech-user, who spent much of her live in a bomb-shelter. By using her magic-like science, she end up recruiting Kull's tribe in order to find a new supply of atomic batteries. In the ensuing battle against Samson, her shelter was destroyed. She is a recurring villain.

Dr. John Pitt

(pure human; neutral)

Dr. John Pitt is a scientist from the 20th century. When volcanic gas with "anesthetic properties" seeped into his bomb shelter, he fell into a state of suspended animation. When he was discover by Samson and company, Mindor awakened him with a bit of fresh air. When he was introduced to the outside world, he was in for a major shock! Being unaccustomed to this new world, he his prone to make foolish mistakes that would put himself and others in harms' way. He is vary fatalistic and cowardly - ultimately destiny redeemed his cowardice with selfless heroics.

Headman Thorr

(pure human; chaotic)

Headman Thorr is a Viking-like warrior from Greenyend. He and his raiders came to N'Yark to loot the city of its scrap metal. He managed to defeat Samson, and have taken Mindor and Sharmaine prisoners, with the desire to make Sharmaine his bride. He has a base to convert the scrap-metal into belits, so they can be recast into weapons and armor. He also holds arena fighting with a number of exotic beasts, like the Ice Monster, a pack of High-Speed Hyenas, and the Hypno-Beast.


(human mutant; neutral, MU: Metamorph: Beastman, Dual Cerebellum: Defective, Reflective Epidermis: Radiation)

Vaxar is a normal-looking man who was rescued by Samson after his community was destroyed by a flood. He is knowledgeable in science and a collector of artifacts - much of it destroyed by a flood. He helps out his new friends to deal with the outbreak of radioactive death geysers. Ignorant of his dual nature, he randomly transforms into Oggar the Beastman and attacks Samson and company. Once he discovered his alter-ego, he sided with his evil-half, then conspired to sabotage Mindor's attempts to eliminate the death geysers.


(human mutant; chaotic, MU: Bizarre Appearance, Command Animals, Increased Strength and Dexterity, Natural Armor: Extreme, Natural Weapon: goat horns (d8) and fangs (d6) claws (d4 eh), Night Vision, Reflective Epidermis: Radiation)

Oggar is a mutant Beastman who was created when Vaxar was exposed to a radioactive geyser. He is a large purple humanoid figure with a blue maned lion's head, armored plates, stubby goat's horns, and a small tail. He will fight by charging with his horns, then fight with fangs and claws. Against a formidable foe, he would summon an animal to weaken the foe, or to give himself a chance to escape. Originally he attacked Samson as a predator, but once he learned of his dual nature, he became motivated to defeat Samson and Mindor so everyone in N'Yark would mutate like him.