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Classic H. G. Wells Morlocks
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Hollywood Morlocks

Morlocks are a degenerate race of humanoid troglodytes. They are all albinos, and have developed a carnivorous diet that favors the meat of other humanoids. They only venture to the surface at night, and if caught in the daylight they suffer from day blindness. Their subterranean existence has given them the ability to see in the dark - out to 90 feet. Do to their brutishness and simple skin clothing - if any - most people consider them primitive and simple-minded, but they are proficient engineers, and they and have an affinity for technological items, which they will employ whenever possible.

They are hunched-over, stocky and ape-like. They are pale, with little or no clothing, sharp teeth, large red-glowing eyes, and dull grey-to-white skin. They may ether have long white hair with green or blue skin, or covered in grey fur.

They live in small communities of about 30 individuals (unless a powerful ruler comes along to unite the communities for war), and are usually ruled by might: ether physical might, mental prowess, or technical superiority. They are known to keep albino apes as guard/attack-dogs.

There are three classes of Morlocks:

Grunts - These are the most common type of Morlock. They are the grunts and laborers within Morlock society. They have the basic set of mutations: albinism, intellectual affinity (tinkerer), and thermal vision.

Officers - These are the elite warriors and military leaders of the Morlock race. They resemble normal Morlocks, but they stand upright, and have a powerful build. On top of the basic Morlock mutations (sans simian deformity), they have the following: combat empathy, increased strength, intellectual affinity (martial), and [1d3-1] positive physical mutations.

Warlocks - They are Morlock with strong mental powers, and are the rarest of the Morlock race. They resemble normal Morlocks, but stand upright, are less stocky, and they have larger cranium. If their powers are strong enough to kill, they can rule over a community or nation. On top of the basic Morlock mutations, they have [1d4+1] mental mutations.

Morlocks as a Playable Race

Roll-up as a Mutant Human, but with the following mutations:

Grunts: albinism, simian deformity intellectual affinity (tinkerer), thermal vision, plus 1d6-1 extra mutations (50/50 metal or physical each).

Officers: albinism, intellectual affinity (tinkerer), thermal vision, combat empathy, increased strength, intellectual affinity (martial), and 1d3-1 positive physical mutations.

Warlocks: albinism, intellectual affinity (tinkerer), thermal vision, 1d4+1 mental mutations.

If the Mutant Lord desires, players might have to roll to play a random Morlock sub-type. Roll d10: 1-7 = Grunt, 8-9 = Officer, 10 = Warlocks.

Note: The use of Morlock Officers and Warlocks is optional. Otherwise, use Grunts as default Morlocks.