Mutants & Machine-guns is a rule-lite post-apocalyptic themed role-playing game produced by Robertson Sondoh Jr & Daniel Marcus of Experimental Playground. Version 1.3 is an 8-page pocket-mod sized booklet, while Versions 3.0 and 3.1 are 20+ page booklets that are still in development.

At the core of the system, all characters have four basic attributes (varies by edition), and the use of 2d6 vs a Target Number of 5 to 13, with 7 being the most common. The game only uses six-sided dice.

The game includes five races: Android, Evolved Animal, Mutant Human, Mutated Plant and Pure Human (v1 only had Evolved Animal, Mutant Human and Pure Human). V1 had 25 mixed mutations, while v3 expand this to 51, with three categories: Human/Animal Mutations, Psionic and Plant Mutations.

Vehicle Rules is an 8-page supplement for vehicle-based combat, with rules for customizing vehicles, and notes on Bizzarrian -- mutant riding animals.


  • The Version 1 cover is based on the cover art of the first edition Gamma World Referee Screen, by Erol Otus.
  • The Vehicle Rules cover is based on a second edition Gamma World picture by Larry Elmore.


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