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- By Brett Waste

In the years of the 20th century leading up to the 21st, Mankind had always dreamed of and constructed massive landships - from H.G. Well's Landships of fiction to Nazi supra-guns of fact ...


These landships move anywhere from between 1-2 mph (NASA Shuttle Cargo Transporter) when moving at care base speed to up to 15 mph maximum offroad combat speed (Nazi proto-type Landkreuzer P 1500 Monster - Crew of 100+). At this speeds Landships shatter roads and local windows.

Stationary Landships require approximately 5 crew to maintain them. Slow moving (1-2 mph) transports need a minimum of 5 crew. Fighting Landships need 100+ crew to operate.

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Landkreuzer P 1500 Monster delivers 3d6 x 2,800 shp damage to targets up to 37 miles away (18.5 miles +0/ 37 miles -1) from its 1 x 800mm Carl Gustav railway gun. Without its turret device it may fire indirectly on targets (target is AC:0) or fire directly on targets (either turreted or rail-mounted; target is AC: 10).

Slow-moving, carefully-driven cargo transports are generally AC:9 or 8 due to the ponderous and lumbering size. They are also delicate and difficult to maintain. Hence they easily "throw a track".

Faster moving combat platforms are AC:3 to 2, relying on heavy steel armor to resist blast damage in the field.

- By Brett Waste

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