Mutant Future Wiki

Templates have been added to the Mutant Future Wiki, so to allow for quick and uniformed stats.

The awkwardly named tags (e.g: "Lawful Neutral or Chaotic" instead of "Alignment") was chosen to make it easier to edit in the default Rich Text Editor mode. In that mode, you can find these templates in "Other templates/magic word", under the "Editing Tool Bar", and pressing "Monster Stats", "NPC Stats", "Robot Stats", or "Vehicle Stats" (do to some editing, templates names without "Stats" still appears, but they should ignored, as they are redundant). When listing the stats and items, the tag names can be copied, pasted on the entry field, and edited.

When using Source Mode (coded view), ignore the above steps, and use the following codes. Highlight and copy the desired text in the gray field below, and paste it on the page you are editing. If a tag is listed as an example (e.g.: "#Enc - 1d6 (1d6)"), copy the statistical text ("1d6 (1d6)"), paste it after the equal sign, and make adjusts as needed ("2d6 (3d8)"). Unnecessary lines (like fly and swing, for land-based Monsters) maybe removed by not including them - just erase everything in that line. Its best to keep this page on a separate page or tab, if you are going to use these Templates.

It might take a learning curve to figure-out it out, so don't forget to preview the page before publishing the edit or submission. The titles link directly to the template pages.

Monster Stats:

{{Template:Monster Stats
|#Enc - 1d6 (1d6) = 
|Lawful Neutral or Chaotic = 
|120' (40') = 
|fly - 120' (40') = 
|swim - 120' (40') = 
|AC = 
|HD = 
|#Att = 
|dam 1d6 or by weapon type = 
|save - L1 = 
|morale = 
|HC = 
|EXP = 

NOTE: "fly - 120' (40')", "swim - 120' (40')" and "EXP" lines are optional, and cane be omitted by not including the line of code.

NPC Stats:

{{Template:NPC Stats
|Name = 
|Race = 
|Level = 
|Lawful Neutral or Chaotic = 
|HP = 
|AC = 
|STR = 
|DEX = 
|CON = 
|INT = 
|WIL = 
|CHA = 
|Description = 
|Weapons = 
|Armor = 
|Equipment = 
|Physical Mutations = 
|Mental Mutations = 
|your name here = }}

Robot Stats:

{{Template:Robot Stats
|HD = 
|Frame = 
|Locomotion = 
|Manipulators = 
|materials = 
|AC = 
|Sensors = 
|Programming = 
|Accessories = 
|Weapons = }}

Vehicle Stats:

{{Template:Vehicle Stats
|name = 
|Crew needed to operate = 
|locomotion type = 
|Speed in MPH = 
|cargo = 
|SHP = 
|Materials = 
|AC = 
|Weapons = }}