"The Fall has long since wiped out civilization, leaving the planet’s surface a savage land of radioactive waste crawling with mutant creatures. Your community has endured through the long centuries since the Fall, its inhabitants sheltered safely beneath the earth. Until now…"

Tempora Mutantur (Latin for "These are mutant times") is a set of 1-page rule-lite post-apocalyptic themed role-playing game based on Searchers of the Unknown. The set includes:

  • The Core Rules (revision 5.3)
  • Core Rules Supplement: Wilderness Exploration (revision 1.3)
  • Referee Supplement: Mutations (revision 2.5)
  • Referee Supplement: Wilderness Encounters (revision 2.3)
  • Referee Supplement: Relics (revision 2.2)
  • Referee Supplement: Humanoid Encounters (revision 1.1)
  • Referee Supplement: The Creep (revision 1.1)
  • Referee Supplement: Sleepers, Clones, & Replicants (Rev 1.0)
  • Referee Supplement: Children of the Metal Gods (revision 0.4)
  • Referee Supplement: Robots (Pre-Release Draft)
  • Adventure: Den of the Morlock Mind Master (revision 1.2)
  • Character Sheet
  • Monster Sheet

Project: LONG STAIREdit

"In 1963, a nuclear detonation under the Nevada desert knocked a hole in reality. The bomb was something new - and still classified - but what it did was stab through the fragile skein of normal space-time and opened a hole into something stranger.

The Fed put a door and a lock onto the hole - ninety tons of steel and titanium strong enough to bounce nukes. They kept it secret too. The place the hole opened into was just too weird for people to know about or deal with. It's variously called The Basement, Downstairs, or (most commonly) The Dungeon.

Under reality, in realms so strange they defy scientific models to explain, someone or some thing built tunnels, chambers, traps, lairs... but also filled it with wonders and treasures - including objects and devices which could, quite simply, do the impossible.

Project: LONG STAIR was born."

Project: Lone Stair is 1-page rule-lite game based on the post, Voices From Below and the Long Stairs. The premise plays like Stargate in a Gygaxian mega-dungeon. Soldiers explore a dangerous underworld, to find xenotech artifacts, fight inhuman creatures, deal with nasty traps, and avoid the strange effects of the Taint. Exposure to Taint can induce mutation, and enough contact can turn the victim into a Hybrid.

The set includes:

  • The Core Rules (Pre-Release Draft)

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