Mutant Future Wiki

Trade & Exotic Goods are the more unusual goods used to barter - spices, livestock, jewelery, relics, and such.


These range in price from a handful of gold for a surly, dangerous savage, and up to 600 pieces of gold for a insanely beautiful, sexually docile Eloi princess kidnapped to order (any slave bought to order cost double the standard price, but the buyer can specify details such as race, hair and eye color, physique, and even unusual mutations). Certain humanoid races are are too inhuman or ugly to be distinguished by gender, so they count as male regardless. Mutant plants and animals count as nothing more then livestock. Slave collars are used to show who owns a slave. They come with a solidly implanted ring to allow for fixture to a chain or rope. Manacles are a set of chains and cuffs to keep a slave restrained.

Item Cost
Slave collar 1gp
Manacles 5gp
Slave, male, rebellious savage 5gp
Slave, male, work-shy criminal 8gp
Slave, male, hard-working and submissive 15gp
Slave, female, common and mutated 15gp
Slave, female, genetically pure but common 30gp
Slave, female, mutated but beautiful 60gp
Slave, female, genetically pure and beautiful 150gp
Slave, female, Eloi 300gp

(slave list taken from Conan the Role-Playing Game by Mongoose Publishing, and altered my Malcadon)