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World of Super Adventure is a catchall for any animated adventure and superhero series produced by Hanna–Barbera, and is named after a block line-up of the same name. This includes programing like Birdman, Dino Boy, the Galaxy Trio, Space Ghost, Mighty Mightor, the Herculoids, Shazzan, Samson & Goliath, and others. Such series are full of exotic locations, magic, super-science, strange creatures, and abundance of unique villains — all great fodder for a game like Mutant Future.

Space Ghost

Space Ghost is a space-fairing superhero who fights evil aliens with the help his twin, teenage sidekicks Jan and Jace.

The Galaxy Trio

The Galaxy Trio are a team of galactic peace-keepers, who fight evil with unique super-powers.

The Herculoids

The Herculoids is set on the planet Amzot/Quasar, where a family fights invading aliens with the help of large creatures called the Herculoids.


Birdman is a modern superhero who fights tech-using and super-powered villains with his eagle sidekick Avenger.

Mighty Mightor

Mightor is a teenage caveman named Tor who can turn into a prehistoric superhero with superhuman strength, and a club that grants him flight and energy blasts.


Shazzan is a magic Genie who has adventures with two teenage siblings, Chuck and Nancy, in a mystical Arabian world.

Dino Boy in the Lost Valley

Dino Boy is a young boy called Todd who parachuted out of a crashing plane with his parents still on board. He lands in a lost world full of dinosaurs, cavemen, and prehistoric mammals that somehow survived past extinction events. Todd befriends a caveman named Ugh, and his pet Brontosaurus Bronty, who then go on a series of adventures.

Samson & Goliath (Young Samson)

Young Samson is a normal-looking teenager named Samson who, with his dog Goliath, travel across country on a motorbike, fighting evil whenever it arises. Samson can transform into a superhero version of the biblical Samson by hitting his golden wristbands together.